Air Cargo Challenge 2017: ZAGREB

Currently, our team is working on the development of a new aircraft to take part in the next edition of the international challenge Air Cargo Challenge 2017, in Zagreb, Croatia.

There are several objectives for the team regarding the competition:

- In general terms, we want to design an airplane capable of completing the circuit established by the organization.

- In terms of marketing and communication, sponsors are sought to finance and support the project. In addition, activities of interest are disseminated by students in the Terrassa university environment, whether they are or not related to the project, to exchange knowledge and collaborate with other Campus associations.

- From the aerodynamics department, aerodynamic design is optimized to reduce fuel consumption and maximize payload, and experimental wind tunnel tests are performed occasionally or using telemetry placed on the aircraft.

- Regarding the structural design, we want to reduce the weight of the structure in order to design a suitable one, capable of withstanding high load factors, allowing a reduction of consume and a performance improvement.

- In the propulsion department we want to study the different motor-propeller configurations set by the organization.

- From the electronics and control group, the design of the control mechanisms of the aircraft is made according to what the aerodynamics and the structure departments have determined as optimus. 


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